Our Aim:

Sadly, the one sure thing in life is death.  We all have to experience losing loved ones, friends and colleagues.  The overwhelming effects of bereavement cannot be underestimated.  The feeling of loneliness and isolation, even when surrounded by people is all consuming.

Using personal experiences, guest speakers and our own team of professionals we will try and answer all those practical questions and also help you understand the different emotions which can occur through the process in the interest of taking care of your own wellbeing.

Our Seminars:

We have called them ‘seminars’ but in fact they are a coming together of people to support each other and help understand the grief process. 

A typical seminar will begin with:

  • Introductions
  • Practical Information
  • Guest Speaker
  • A light lunch or supper
  • Time to Talk
  • A one-hour Mindfulness Session
  • Opportunity to connect with support group
  • Information pack

One to One Meet-Up:

Quite often when a loved one dies it is not just emotions which are turned upside down.  Dealing with the practicalities can be a complete nightmare – from the funeral to being overwhelmed by paper work.  You do not need to do this alone – we can offer a helping hand. 

Email or call Tracey to arrange a home visit.

Our Memory Boxes:

Our Memory Boxes will be given free of charge to children with instructions on how to help a child put together their own personal box.

Our team member Adele Callinan will be offering advice on ‘Making Memories’ Memory Boxes. These will be given free to children of parents who suffer from terminal or chronic illnesses.